Why Do They Laugh?

This is the best part of writing, staring at the blank page and no words coming out, especially if I want to be funny. I think being funny is my niche, whatever niche means. I never try, but an hour can't pass without someone laughing at something I said, and I always ask myself "What's the matter with that crazy head? Did I say something funny?" 

Only that I'm beginning to distrust my comic powers. I think they have grown so much that complete strangers giggle when they see me. Maybe I should clarify that it is complete, strange girls. Strange not in that they have two heads or extremely long necks, or three breasts instead of two (wow, it might be great to have a girl with three breasts so you can't fail to get what to suckle when the baby is busy with the other two) but strange in that these are girls I've never seen before and the moment they see me, I hear them giggle.

Dilman Dila's bio

Dilman Dila is a Ugandan writer and film maker. In 2013, he was shortlisted for the prestigious Commonwealth Short Story Prize  and long listed for the Short Story Day Africa prize. He was nominated for the 2008 Million Writers Awards for his short story, Homecoming. He first appeared in print in The Sunday Vision in 2001. His works have since featured in several e-zines and anthologies including the African Roar 2013. His most recent works is the novelette, The Terminal Move, and the romance novella, Cranes Crest at Sunset, which are available on Amazon. His films include the masterpiece, What Happened in Room 13 (2007), and the narrative feature, The Felistas Fable (2013). More of his life and works is available at his website http://www.dilmandila.com.

To read his short fiction, please visit http://www.dilmandila.com/p/fiction.html

To watch his films, please visit http://www.dilmandila.com/p/films.htm

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updated 27/10/2013