Ten Things I Hate About Nepal

They just cannot stop staring!
Today, I was returning home, really tired, from another day of doing nothing at the office. As usual, I was trying to wad off the unsettling stares from the streets. That's the worst thing about being a foreigner in Nepal, and in my case, the only black man in a rural town of Nepal. A town where some people are seeing an African man for the very first (and probably last) time in their lives. They stare at you until you feel like you've walked into Alfred Hitchcock's movie set, when he was making that horror film, the birds. They make you feel like they are the killer birds patched on telephone wires, watching you -- no, they remind me of the vultures I saw in a picture about famine in Sudan, the vultures that sat still on rocks waiting for the starving children to die.

The Internet Joke

The internet certainly helped the 'joke' to grow into a popular media, the way invention of the printery gave birth to the novel. But almost everyone only recycles the jokes they find in their in boxes, and I always wonder who the first person to send that joke was. So I'm going to try and break that habit. I'm going to start my own joke. Here it goes.