First Day Shooting

It's been nearly two years since I had a real shooting day. The last being that fiasco, 'Listening to Her Voice', which I know I was doing because this girl couldn't return the attention I showed her. I made it sort of to vent my fury? Or what was that about?

And I'm probably making 'untouchable love and flying marriages' because I'm in a sort of soul searching moment? Trying to understand my own life, why it is so fucked up and so unlucky with regard to love? Well, only people in movies are supposed to be lucky in love, but here are couples who are being tortured for their love - Romeo and Juliets, complete with the bloodshed, the murders, the family feuds and the suicides. I heard about this boy and girl who hanged suicide together, with a single black shawl, and they were facing each other when they found them. Pretty grisly.