Goodbye 2010

I'll always remember this as the year in which I finally broke ground - I started shooting my first ever feature length documentary, I got my first ever fan mail, and my projects attracted money from funding agencies as well. :-) Well, I can say it's been a good year (and I'm not talking about that joke, where they ask, 'what do you call it when you have 365 used condoms at the end of the year?' :-o ) Quite a good year.

Cold Christmas Coming

And all I'll get this Christmas is e-cards and long distance cold messages wishing me well. What I always want to ask those who send e-cards is simple, 'Can you hang an e-card on a Christmas tree?' Gone are the days when Christmas was actually Christmas -- what days were those?

And the Edit Begins

I woke up this morning and started to edit, something that had stalled since last week, and I was so happy about it, because for three straight hours I worked and worked and felt so good with what I had done. I was afraid she'd crept into my mind and stolen away my ability to work.

Apparently, she hasn't. I know I'm thinking about her a lot, and wishing it all materializes into something solid, but I also know once I get lost in the thick of editing the documentaries, I'll think about her less and less, and I don't want that to happen.

the a*hole machoman disses a poor girl

I noticed that someone - the only follower I hitherto had, has withdrawn - now I have no follower. And I'm suspected to think that my recent posts were the cause of it.

Cakes at 3am

I woke up with a burning urge to write a story about a man pursuing a girl who bakes cakes - he is working at his desk when he catches the scent of cakes in the air, and he follows it to the next office where he finds this girl delivering birthday cake to a client, and without even knowing her names, or anything about her, he asks her to marry him.

Becoming a Native?

I can't believe I asked a girl who I've never met to marry me! I mean the only reason I have a crush on her is because she is my first ever fan, and I'm thinking, 'Wow, what a great biography it would make!' When some reporter asks me years later, after I'm rich and famous, 'how did you meet your wife?' And I will say, 'Well, I wrote this story that knocked her stockings off without taking off her shoes...' :-)

Am I seriously asking her to marry me?

Laughter Sells More Than Horror

Oh no! Felistas is back in my life! I was kind of hoping I would never run into her again, because I don’t like her story, but she crept back – or rather she jumped straight out of the blue and grabbed my neck and is now strangling me with a promise of success. Well, what she has done is kick out this guy who I was growing to love, this guy who is stuck on a wheel chair and runs an illegal FM radio station from his bedroom.
Finally, I shot the film! here is a pic of the heroine.


Last year, I in a study about what activity had a significant change in my life. At that time, I didn't know what I was talking about when I started thinking about the Acholi-Karamoja shoot, but last night I realised that the change was actually significant.

Okay, i'm talking to this gorgeous girl, Reiza, and so I can't really write this blog now. Will finish it tomorrow. But it has something to do with this article and the fact that I just got some money to make a film that I first wrote as a horror, but later changed to a romantic comedy!

PS: I mentioned Reiza's name up there because I think she will actually read this blog and get fluttered :-))
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