Is Ejaculate a Taboo Word?

Funny thing I noticed while reading Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame – a book I wish I had read while I was much younger. It’s such fun, with such a sense of humor that I wonder why I have never been encouraged to read it until now?

I only picked it off the shelves the other day because of the animated film. I found a friend watching it, the last bit of it anyway, and was so intrigued that I thought the book would be as good.

The Return of Uncle Benon

This is a big step forward. I like it. I like the narration. Bravo gentlemen, and I particularly like that they are calling it kinauganda. Best brand name you can ever think of!
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One of Those Gloomy Days

I thought they were gone, but today I woke up feeling real down. After a week of making a ton of grant applications, I can’t help feeling down. The problem with applying for grants is that it makes you feel like a begger, and for people who have low self-confidence (blame it on the upbringing!) once that kind of feeling sets in your moods start to go down.

This confidence thing, it’s really not anything I can do anything about it. It’s like some people will laugh at the slightest tickle, others will cry at the slightest pain, others will develop verbal diarrhea at the slightest opportunity. I just start to doubt myself when I don’t see a way out of a difficult situation.

Do You Believe in the Love of the Silver Screen?

Well, I watched this brilliant movie, ‘Definately, Maybe’, the other day, and it’s these kinds of movies that make me wonder if love of that kind is found in everyday life.

The same people who made it were behind ‘Love Actually’, which is one of my favourite movies, and which inspired me to attempt writing a TV series called ‘The Total Agony of Being in Love’. One of the characters, a 12year old boy, does say he is in the total agony of being in love because a girl he wants doesn’t even look at him, or something like that.