My Friend is a Prostitute

This is a goodbye Nepal post. It's been almost twenty hectic months. Now, three documentaries later, I'm finally going home. Today, I have a screening of one of the three docs, a feature length - my first feature length piece of work - Untouchable Love. Read about it here and follow the cause on facebook

This documentary is the reason I came to Nepal. Late in 2008, I had rashly quit a day job to try and make a living in film making. Within two months, I discovered I had committed suicide. And then the girl I was eyeing then, who all along was tagging along with me to the movies and lunch dates, started growing cold feet. I tried to make it work by taking her to guitar classes, for she loved the guitar, but instead, she started eyeing the guitar instructor. And I felt very bad that Christmas. So unloved. So lonely. A major disappointment to everyone who had ever believed in me.

The Magic Song

When my girlfriend mentioned that Nepal is a heaven for men, she had no idea that it actually is a paradise, mostly because of this Nepali song that if you sing to a girl, she automatically falls in love with you :-) Or, whoever hears you singing it will offer you a bride.

The lyrics go like this, "Maya ke hola/socheko/timi nai/ho mero/behuli" (What is the meaning of love/I am thinking/that you will be/my/bride) Here is the song on YouTube.  

My Favourite Inter-racial Movies

“Mississippi Masala” (1991) I like this one very much. It’s a beautiful story, makes you believe in love, and many say it’s the first time that Denzel Washington undressed and kissed in a movie! I put it at the top of my favorite inter-racial movies partly because it deals with a Ugandan family (and I’m Ugandan) – but mostly because it’s a relationship between a black man (me) and an Asian woman (my girlfriend) :-o The other thing is that the director, Mira Nair, founded a film training school in Uganda, and through this school I learnt a lot about filmmaking.

Bathing at the Roadside

Every morning, as I walk to work, I pass by the bathrooms of my neighbors. Well, not really bathrooms, for there are no walls, no tiles, no sink, no taps, no mirrors and showers, just a water pump in the front yard. And it’s not that they cannot afford to construct a proper shelter. I think it has something to do with the construction of the society, where nothing is private. Not even your body. Nor your marriage or sex life, that’s why they take their baths out in the open where anybody can see them.