Working like a slave :(

Feeling too tired to write anything. Blame it all on this current job. Why do we have to work at all? Why can't we just lie on the beach and wait for manna to fall from heaven to feed us? Why can't we just dream and get rich from it? Why do mean people like Trump get rich while I have to sweat it every single day of my life? -- Oh life really sucks!
Isn't this kind of life marvelous? Listening to music, book in your laps, as you loll on rocks in the middle of River Nile

I Suffer to Entertain You

Recently, I got a job directing the NTV Series, "The Hostel." So far, it is the most demanding job I’ve ever met, so unlike anything I’ve ever done. Honestly, for a moment or two, I keep wondering just what it is I’ve gotten myself into. It is the first project where I will not be totally in control of the whole process---someone else decides what the story is, who the actors are, and who makes up the crew---and yet I’m the kind who prefers total freedom to do as I please while crafting a story. Moreover, this is a production that uses two cameras. I always use one. And yet, with the craze "The Hostel" stirred in Kampala a few months ago, I’m under pressure to do better, though I'm in a strange land.