Starving Artists and Rejection Slips at Christmas

It's the worst part of being an 'artist'. For this reason they came up with the term, starving artist, to make the whole thing seem romantic. To make the artist think he has a right to starve, since he is the 'creative' type, the one who lives on dreams, who is too lazy to get a proper job and earn a decent salary. I must have got a thousand rejection slips by now, most of them computer generated, but every time I get one, I get that feeling deep down in my stomach that I'm wasting time. That I should be thinking of getting a job as a teacher in some village secondary school -- though with the way things are today, it might be harder getting such a job than getting published! At least, thank God for the internet, I can blog and pretend to be famous writer because I have about a hundred followers, who don't even read the blog.
Famous, but was a poor church mouse.