No Sex in this Honeymoon

I woke up this morning thinking about Ha Long Bay, for no particular reason. I’ve never been there, only seen it in photos, but it is what I dream about whenever I'm having fantasies of my honeymoon. Sometimes, it just pops into my head out of the blue, like this morning. The photos make me dream of a surreal world where I will float on a wooden boat in the calm seas, sail past giant rocks that stick out of the serene waters like ice cream --- ha ha ha, you dropped a Freudian slip Dilman, only a man in a horny mood will think that a rock looks like ice cream --- and make love on the deck of the boat under the big moon that hangs above the ocean like cupid. I will be with this pretty Pinoy girl, who loves to swim in the sunset like a mermaid hurrying home to her lover.
Ha Long Bay. Photo from wikipeadia