This Has Been a Good Year

At the beginning of the year, nothing was going right in my life, both career and personal. I was really broke, for one thing. As the year ends, still not many things are going right for me. One of my biggest dreams came tumbling down, started to collapse with the beginning of the year, and by November it had crashed to the ground. It came like a shooting star, like a lone star among the millions, and went out before it had lived to fulfill it's purpose in my life. It reminded me of Gene Hackman, who once was one of my heroes, I can't remember where I heard or read this line from him, but it stuck to my head, and for much of the year it kept ringing in my skull. 'I've always been a lone wolf.' I believe that now about me.
Can you believe that smile is from a lone wolf?

When to Kiss is to Sin: Dating in Nepal Pt 3

Normally, I don't kiss and tell, but this happened so long ago that it doesn't matter much. Sometime early in 2010, shortly after I arrived in Nepal, a time when I was still single and had not yet met the Filipino bombshell. A time when I was still befuddled with that timeless question: what is the meaning of love. This is probably the last post recounting my personal experiences of dating in Nepal. (Read here part 1 and part 2). The two years I spent there, I was more concerned with their love and marriage customs, for I was making a film about inter-caste marriage, but some mistook my interested to be a veiled expression of my desire to find a Nepali wife, so I got my fare share of proposals, probably more than most foreigners would get, because I spoke the language and lived in a rural community.

This is what I once found on my doorsteps. Read it here.