Dilman Dila


Her Broken Shadow

2017, 75 Minutes, Science Fiction

A lonely writer struggling to finish her novel has to dig into her past to uncover a heinous murder that she might have committed.

Website: http://www.dilstories.com/her-broken-shadow/ 

The Felistas Fable

2013, 90 Minutes, Urban Fantasy/Modern fairy tale


Website: http://www.dilstories.com/felistas fable/ 



The Dancing Poet


2012, 60 minutes, Nepal

Documentary about a little girl who loses her sight due to a doctor's error. Rather than focus on revenge through law suits, she chooses to forgive, and transforms her life through dance and poetry.

Watch Full Film: https://www.reelhouse.org/dilstories/the-dancing-poet

Website: http://www.dilstories.com/the-dancing-poet/



Untouchable Love


2011, 90 x 60 minutes, Nepal

TV Documentary about dalit (untouchables) youth who fall in love and elope with high caste girls, leading to bloodshed and ethnic cleansing.

Trailer:  https://youtu.be/fQUCl_YlUDg

Website: http://www.dilstories.com/untouchable-love/ 



The Sound of One Leg Dancing


2011, 30 Minutes, Nepal

Documentary about a young girl's desperate search for happiness. She lost her leg to a fire as an infant, and suffered rejection and emotional trauma. Now, she joins a national dance competition hoping that a win will transform her life and give her a semblance of happiness.

Watch Film: https://www.reelhouse.org/dilstories/the-sound-of-one-leg-dancing 

Website: http://www.dilstories.com/the-sound-of-one-leg-dancing

What Happened in Room 13


2013, 18 Minutes, Crime/Thriller

An adulterous affair in a seedy hotel room goes horribly wrong. The woman ends up dead and the man races against time to hide his crime.

Website: http://www.dilstories.com/what-happened-in-room-13/

Watch film: https://youtu.be/RZnpN86hPzo