A Killing in the Sun
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The Music Maker, published in Myriad Lands: Volume 1, 2016
Braveheart's Homecoming, published in Mithila Review, January 2016
Snake Blood, published in Imagine Africa 500, 2016
The Flying Man of Stone, published in AfroSF v2, ed., Ivor Haartman, 2015
Monwor, published in African Monsters, 2015

How My Father Became a God, published in Apex Book of World SF 4. First published in Terra Incognita, ed. Nerine Dorman, published by Short Story Day Africa 2015
Onen and his Daughter, published in Jalada, 2015

The Terminal Move For years the Jolabong people have wandered across the world, looking for a new home. Torn apart by war and famine, they have all but given up. But it is in the fiery motivation of Laceng, a rebellious youth of the tribe, that the delicate future of the Jolabong is poised.
Together with his band of insurgents, Laceng marches into a valley of plenty - but what he finds there is worse than any threat his tribe has ever faced.
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Lights on Water, published in The Short Anthology, 2014
The Broken Pot, published in Feast, Famine & Potluck, 2013
Cranes Crest at Sunset, novella published by Story Moja.
The Puppets of Maramudhu, in the African Roar 2013 anthology. Get it on Kindle. First published in StoryTime, February 2012
Stones Bounce on Water, published in, April 2011
The Young Matchmaker, published in The Kathmandu Post, 4th July 2010
In Search of a Smoke, published in Gowanus Books, 2007
Homecoming, published in Gowanus Books, 2007, and nominated for the 2008 Million Writers Award: Notable Online Fiction of 2007
Billy is Three Weeks Dead, published in Dead Men (and Women) Walking, 2006
Fragments of Canvas, published in Dark Fire, January 2005
Stu’s Bride, published in The Swamp, 2004
Death in the Moonlight, published in The Sunday Vision, May 2001
The Campaign Agent, published in The Sunday Vision, May 2001
The Soldier’s Wife, published in The Sunday Vision, February 2001
The First War, published in The Sunday Vision, January 2001