Here are some of the films I've made. Though the list is longer, these are what I consider my best, so far. I hope you enjoy them. :-) 

The smelly woman kidnaps a crybaby man in a quest to break a curse and regain her beauty, but his avaricious girlfriend and a corrupt cop pursue her as she races against time to win back her husband’s love.
About a man who tries to hide his crime by getting rid of the body of his best friend's wife, after she accidentally dies during an extramarital affair with him.

Fiction. 18 minutes. No dialogue.
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About a family in a small town of Uganda, who struggle to earn a living as a musicians. The mother sings, the eight year old boy plays a home-made violin while his twin sister dances.
Documentary. 15 minutes. No narration or interviews.

The Sound of One Leg Dancing
In a desperate search for happiness, a one-legged peasant girl enters a surreal world to compete in a glamorous TV dance program. She believes winning can help her overcome a traumatic past in which her parents, seeing her as a bringer of bad luck, kept her in solitary confinement. 
This tale about forbidden love and contentious marriages in Hindu cultures is my first feature length piece of work. It's about young Hindus who rebel and marry for love, but the conservatives punish them with violence and death in order to maintain the caste system.  They are five love stories of high-caste girls running away with untouchable boys, modern-day versions of Romeo and Juliet. Manoj and Parbati’s affair causes ethnic cleansing in their village. Khadga and Jaisara live in the jungle to hold on to their love. The romance of Shyam and Saraswoti unleashes the wrath of the police on the untouchables. Kishor faces jail because he loves Ranjana. And the case of Rajib and Sabina, is it a double suicide, or murder?
 Documentary. 90 minutes. Nepal. 2011. Nepali/Mithila with English subtitles.

How Will I Get A Drink?
The first advocacy documentary I made, in which a little boy questions the policies of NGOs who, in an attempt to solve the problems of his village, only worsen poverty levels and create dependency.