Who knows what kusum is? I stumbled upon it accidentally today. A sour-ish fruit, but God, isn't it nice to keep popping the little thing into your mouth? 

I visited a VDC called Chaumala. It's been a really hot day. I couldn't stop sweating, and not just a little droplets of sweat, but torrents, my shirt was drenched, my cap was drenched, I guess I stank (and in the bus I sat next to this cute girl - sadly she turned out to be a teenager, maybe only 17, who told me point blank that I'm handsome and sweet - and I asked her, 'How do you know I'm sweet yet you've never tasted me?' and she said 'I just see you and I know.'

What a Thief

I have found another thing I hate about Nepal. I'm still not sure whether the several proposals I get for marriage is something I should include in the list, but this one is.

Will You Marry Me?

A Nepali ponders her future in the film, Untouchable Love
Oops, I set out writing the ten things I hate about Nepal, and stopped at two.

Really, there is nothing to hate here - or very little - because the rest of it seems like they are goodies disguised as baddies. For example, look at this number eight, or is it seven?

Well, the next bad thing about Nepal is that it's so easy to get married. So easy.