Her Broken Shadow

2017, 75 Minutes, Science Fiction

A lonely writer struggling to finish her novel has to dig into her past to uncover a heinous murder that she might have committed.


The Felistas Fable

2013, 90 Minutes, Urban Fantasy/Modern fairy tale

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The Dancing Poet

2012, 60 minutes, Nepal

Documentary about a little girl who loses her sight due to a doctor’s error. Rather than focus on revenge through law suits, she chooses to forgive, and transforms her life through dance and poetry.

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Untouchable Love

2011, 90 x 60 minutes, Nepal

TV Documentary about dalit (untouchables) youth who fall in love and elope with high caste girls, leading to bloodshed and ethnic cleansing.



The Sound of One Leg Dancing

2011, 30 Minutes, Nepal

Documentary about a young girl’s desperate search for happiness. She lost her leg to a fire as an infant, and suffered rejection and emotional trauma. Now, she joins a national dance competition hoping that a win will transform her life and give her a semblance of happiness.

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What Happened in Room 13

2013, 18 Minutes, Crime/Thriller

An adulterous affair in a seedy hotel room goes horribly wrong. The woman ends up dead and the man races against time to hide his crime.


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