Close up of a 3D character looking right into the camera.

Silly ramblings about a writer’s weird habits

Is it just me, or do all writers have weird habits? An I the only one who sits on a chair that’s tattered? Am I the only one who writes while stark naked, though this chair is hurting my butt? Hmmm is me rambling about my writing habits because I’m procrastinating and trying to avoid doing actual writing.
Book cover, with African art style

This year starts with big good news for my writing

A behind-the-scenes look at the stories in the book, a short story collection, Where Rivers Go To DIe, nominated for PKD Awards and longlisted for BSFA Awards.
A medium shot of a middle aged African man, with a wearing a checkered shirt with thin lines, holding a microphone. He is on stage, with a purple backdrop bearing the words NYU Accra.

The Pains of Forgetting Faces

As an artist, I’m always invited to events, but I struggle with remembering faces of those that I meet.
Digital art of two humanoid figures lying on the beach, frowns on their faces, with handwritten text at the bottom

Sad Love Poem “Glass of Dreams”

a bit on the background When I set out to make video poems, I had a bunch of idle video clips that I didn’t know what to do with, like the one of a spider catching a fly. I realized I could stylize these videos and make them look animated look. However, after the second … Read more
Tall waves smashing against rocks, stylized image with water colors

Sad Love Poetry “Strange Shore”

Strange Shore is the second video I’m making in the Sad Love Poetry series, which is themed on unreturned love, and is available on my dilstories TV on youtube.
A yellow spider with black spots, sitting on its web

Self Trap

This visual poetry is available on my youtube channel, dilstories TV. I’ve been writing poetry for a long time, as long as I’ve been writing, but never found courage to share publicly for they come from deep inside. Sometimes so deep inside that I feel naked when they are out in the open.
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