About Uganda
A young woman in a yellow dress and a young girl in a print african dress in a scene in a film, staring at something off screen. White walls in the background with a few photos and paintings on it.

About the film collective I founded

Why I created the film collective I picked the name Sisi Film Collective after asking for opinions, including a poll in the fediverse. People liked the sound of Sisi, which translates to ‘Us’ in Kiswahili, because it has a musical feel. Perhaps it makes you think of “Cissy”, or “Sissy” as in sister. So that’s … Read more

A few tips on bringing your awesome wordpress blog to the fediverse

This articles contains tips about using the ActivityPub for WordPress Plugin and how to post your blog to the fediverse.
Digital art of a yellow vehicle, futuristic, morph of a van and a canoe, with a tout leaning out of a window, calling to passengers off camera.

Introducing my awesome blog to the fediverse

This post introduces my blog to the fediverse, giving a hint of who I am and what kind of things I like to blog about.
A black man in his twenties holding a digital camera, the canon mv890. The camera is in the foreground, hiding his face such that only the eyes are visible.

When Film Imitates Art

I wrote this article in 2013, for an online journal, and well, someone asked me how I started out recently and I promised to give her this article because it contains a bit of my initial journey in film making in Uganda, so I am posting it here. If you are reading this in the … Read more

Man to Man is a beautiful play to watch at the theater

If you are looking for a good play to watch, here is a review of Man to Man, a beautifully written play, full of humor and suspense

How to Successfully Become a Full-time Artist

I bought a bottle of wine in Durban, South Africa, in March 2015. It’s cheap, cost about a hundred rand, but at that time I was going through very tough times and wanted something to use in celebration when the tide turns. Today, I’m seriously thinking about opening that bottle. I wonder if it’s still good, for I travel frequently and switch off the fridge to save power. I want to celebrate for 2018 is a ten-year anniversary.
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