Screenshot from the silent film Fiddlesticks (1927) of a screaming cat with musical notes reading 'my wild Irish Rose'

Some great comedies you can watch on the Internet Archive

A list of great comedy films that I enjoyed, and which are available to watch for free on the internet Archive. Includes a mini review of each that I recommend.
A 3D model of a robot, with a face inspired by African spirit masks, old and rusty metal, yellow and red, solar panels on the shoulder

Goodbye to a terrible year of trials

I somehow have reached the end of 2023, and it’s been a year that I don’t even know how to describe. It tested my capabilities as an artist and entrepreneur, and I hated it that artists work in a capitalist system in order to survive. I longed for the long lost days when I was … Read more
A stylized 3D digital art of a low poly elephant with the Mastodon logo pasted on its sides, the scene has water caustics aesthetics

Why I love Mastodon: Or a Brief History of My Life on the Internet

I entered the fediverse in December 2022, and I’m celebrating my first anniversary with this post. I don’t want to repeat what others who came in the Nov ‘22 wave have said about how different fedi is from corporate social media, how nice the ambience is, how engagement with posts are so real that even … Read more

A few tips on bringing your awesome wordpress blog to the fediverse

This articles contains tips about using the ActivityPub for WordPress Plugin and how to post your blog to the fediverse.
Digital art of a yellow vehicle, futuristic, morph of a van and a canoe, with a tout leaning out of a window, calling to passengers off camera.

Introducing my awesome blog to the fediverse

This post introduces my blog to the fediverse, giving a hint of who I am and what kind of things I like to blog about.

Man to Man is a beautiful play to watch at the theater

If you are looking for a good play to watch, here is a review of Man to Man, a beautifully written play, full of humor and suspense
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