A few tips on bringing your awesome wordpress blog to the fediverse

This articles contains tips about using the ActivityPub for WordPress Plugin and how to post your blog to the fediverse.
Digital art of a yellow vehicle, futuristic, morph of a van and a canoe, with a tout leaning out of a window, calling to passengers off camera.

Introducing my awesome blog to the fediverse

This post introduces my blog to the fediverse, giving a hint of who I am and what kind of things I like to blog about.

Man to Man is a beautiful play to watch at the theater

If you are looking for a good play to watch, here is a review of Man to Man, a beautifully written play, full of humor and suspense
A healthy breakfast of fruits and cake. Homemade cake. Banana. Pawpaw. Tomatoes. Grapes. Cakes.

A love story about a homemade birthday cake

On my birthday, I decided to bake for myself a cake. This is the love story that follows that decision.
A woman listens to Christmas songs as she sells roasted maize at the dusty roadside in a small town of Uganda, on Christmas eve

30 Sweet Christmas Songs for a great holiday

Christmas is always a very upsetting period, because it is a reminder that we are growing older, that our dreams are getting further away from our grasp. It’s a time we begin to accept the harshness of reality, that magic is long dead. When I get down in this period, I have a playlist of … Read more
Ghost of a broken heart available on youtube

A Play list for Broken Hearts

I made this playlist for you, my dear friend, who is going through a breakup. I know how much you love music, but this playlist is not for therapy. It’s sort of a cheeky compilation of the phases you go through during in a breakup.
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