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Book cover, with African art style
“…meticulously concocted volume full of starkly vivid imagery and gripping prose. These tales are guaranteed both to tickle the imagination and give readers the heebie-jeebies.” Publishers Weekly

“Deftly created horror…. unsettling…” Little Village Mag

“….intense….There is rich language across the storytelling” Eugen Bacin, in LocusMag

“Dilman Dila has written a timeless novel about doomed love, using supple and evocative language in the style of Neil Gaiman, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Stefan Zweig…. A truly original story set in a world at once immersive, believable, and fun to be in…..” Strange Horizons

“This was a great short read!… The worldbuilding here is fascinating…. a smart bit of storytelling that I totally enjoyed, and I think Dila is definitely an author to look out for more in the future. Highly recommended!” Run Along the Shelves

“Dilman Dila is a great worldbuilder…. I still enjoyed the novella. I could happily read more stories set in this world…or any other worlds Dila creates..” Punk Ass Book Jockey

Cover of an African fantasy novella

‘….a wonderful coming of age story for this woman who has a great power inside her, and who faces dangers on every side, hungry spirits and greedy humans who want to exploit or possess her…. A wonderful read!.’ Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

“What Dilman excels at in all his fantastical stories is the world building. His stories are not so long but that they are so rich. The world he weaves in this book is very vivid that the I felt that it actually exists just beyond my village. And this is just a novella.” Mable Amuron, Growing Pains

“The action is fast paced but never frenetic and the range of characters and situations never feels one note.” Run Along The Shelves

Dila’s prose is clear and simple. If he wrote in a more Western style the book would probably be much longer, because the plot is absolutely packed with incident. Salon Futura

“From the first page of the of the first story, I felt that surge of anticipation of the possibility of something really special…..” Binyavanga Wainaina 

“perfectly poised between the robustness of genre fiction and the more literary concern”Mark Bould, in LA Review of Books

“…punchy and awkward and well worth reading.” K. Kamo, in Strange Horizons

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“…beautiful…. I really liked Dilman’s writing in this story.” Bookshy Books

“And in the moving “The Flying Man of Stone” by Dilman Dila, 15-year-old Kera, having witnessed the slaughter of his mother and siblings by soldiers, is given a flying machine and a super-weapon by his ailing father, with tragic consequences.” Eric Brown, The Best Science Fiction Novels, Review Roundup

This novella was shortlisted for the 2017 Nommo Awards: Best Novella. You can read it here for free!

For years the Jolabong people have wandered across the world, looking for a new home. Torn apart by war and famine, they have all but given up. But it is in the fiery motivation of Laceng, a rebellious youth of the tribe, that the delicate future of the Jolabong is poised.

Together with his band of insurgents, Laceng marches into a valley of plenty – but what he finds there is worse than any threat his tribe has ever faced.

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