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15 April 2016. Nerds of a Feather
"Braveheart's Homecoming" by Dilman Dila hits like a red IPA, rebellion and resistance tinged with blood, brash and bitter and reaching for something better.

8 march 2016 RRAP Magazine, on Africa Monsters, my story Monwor
Overall, this story is just an excellent use of foil and symbolism.

2 March 2016 Quick Sips Review, on Braveheart’s Homecoming
2 Feb 2016 -- Bookshy Books
The Flying Man of the Stone, was another beautiful - if bloody - tale....I really liked Dilman's writing in this story and I have really been meaning to read his collection, A Killing in the Sun.
16th Jan 2016 Eric Brown, The Best Science Fiction Novels, Review Roundup --
And in the moving “The Flying Man of Stone” by Dilman Dila, 15-year-old Kera, having witnessed the slaughter of his mother and siblings by soldiers, is given a flying machine and a super-weapon by his ailing father, with tragic consequences --

31 Dec 2015 Rashi Rohatgi, Africa in Words
Dilman Dila’s 2013 Cranes Crest at Sunset, in which a Nepali immigrant and a local herdsman fall in love in the rainy Ugandan countryside, is my personal favourite – so far

4th December 2015 Apex Book of World SF reviewed by Salik Shah
"...Dilman Dila's fantastic tale, "How My Father Became a God," one of the most delightful stories in the collection..."
18 November 2015 Lois Tilton reviews short stories AfroSF v2
AfroSF v2. " interesting reflection on the results of violence and colonialism in Africa, with great touches..."

24th December 2014. This is Africa. The TIA 100 - Best Books 2010-2014

1st December 2014. The Guardian, UK. Writers pick the best books of 2014.

24th November 2014. This is Africa. Writers Need a Home Platform.

13th November 2014. The Star, Kenya. All my stories have a personal experience.

 25th October 2014. The Daily Monitor. Another Ugandan Ventures into fiction.

27th September 2014. Standard Digital News, Kenya. Soldiers story A Killing in the Sun launched.

22nd September 2014. So Many Stories, by Nyana Kakoma. Dilman Dila on Being an All Round Storyteller

Awards in 2014
Longlisted for Short Story Day Africa Prize

The Felistas Fable wins of four awards, Film of the Year, Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay, andBest Actor, out of seven nominations, others being Best Sound, Best Actress, Best Editing/Post Production.

Nominated for Best First Feature by a Director, at the Africa Movie Academy Awards,

The Felistas Fable nominated for Best Make-Up Artist at Africa Movie Academy Awards, and at 
Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards,

Longlisted for the BBC International Radio Playwriting Competition


9th April 2013. After a long struggle, I finally find recognition in a prestigious prize. In April of this year, I was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2013, for my story, A Killing in the Sun. You can read about that story in this blog post

July 2012. I won my first award! On Sunday 15 July, 2012, at the Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival. The Sound of One Leg Dancing scooped up the "Jury Award. Bronze Drum". 
I'm glad it's Mina's story that wins me my first award, for though it is a documentary, in an eerie manner it is autobiographical. Thanks Mina Pun for letting me tell your story.

July 24, 2012. The Sunday Vision. 'Changing Lives Through Film', by Rowan Emslie
"For some people, though, the story is what matters - before themselves and their bank balance, they desire simply to do justice to the narrative they have to work with." Read the interview online, here, 

October 2011 Books they read.
I treasure these first reviews about my works, from professional reviewers. So far, they have been only kind to me. :-)

"...Dilman Dila ends the anthology with a straight-up no-nonsense story of a corpse who returned to the site of his murder to discover who killed him."

If We Don't Tell Our Stories, By Fellipe Gamarano Barbos, in The Reeler
"Dilman Dila’a project, What Happened in Room 13, was particularly interesting to me...The material is absolutely fantastic.... It is pure cinema, coming from a filmmaker who didn’t have the opportunity to see 1/100th of the films that are available to us in New York."

Maisha Film Lab: Passionate Artists of the Highest Order, by Ami Boghani, in Huffington Post.
"...What Happened in Room 13 by Dilman Dila from Uganda -- were, in my opinion, examples of a very pure brand of cinema."

, in Moving Images
"unpretentious, matter-of-fact..."

Moses Serugo, in The Monitor
"Alright people it is a wrap," up and coming film director Dilman Dila called out to his cast and crew, marking the end of a gruelling day of..."

Film Festival Fund supports Film School in Haiti

Million Writers Award

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