About Me

I am a writer, film maker and a social activist who believes that stories are an important tool in creating a better world. 

In 2014, I published my first collection of speculative short stories, A Killing in the Sun.

My works have been recognized in many international awards, including the Jalada Prize for Literature (2015), the BBC International Radio Scriptwriting Competition (2014), the Commonwealth Short Story Prize (2013), Short Story Day Africa prize, (2013 and 2014), and a nomination for the 2008 Million Writers Awards for my short story, Homecoming. My first works appeared in print in The Sunday Vision in 2001, and have since featured in several e-zines and book anthologies, including the African Roar 2013, Storymoja, and Gowanus Books. My first novella, a romance, Cranes Crest at Sunset, was released in 2013 during the Hay Festival in Nairobi.

As a self-taught film maker, I benefited greatly from the Maisha Film Lab. Many regard my first short film, What Happened in Room 13 (2007), as a masterpiece from Uganda’s young industry. The film has attracted over 1.5 million views on YouTube. The Young Ones Who Won’t Stay Behind (2008) was my first collaboration with the world famous film maker, Mira Nair. I spent two years in Nepal, where I made several documentaries. Untouchable Love (2011) was selected for IDFA’s Docs for Sale, 2011, where it picked a UK based distributor. With The Sound of One Leg Dancing (2011), I won The Jury Award at the Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival in 2012.

My first narrative feature, The Felistas Fable (2013) was nominated for Best First Feature by a Director at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (2014), and for Best Make-Up Artist in the same awards the same year. It also got a nomination for Best Make-Up Artist at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2014.

The Felistas Fable won four of the seven awards for which it was nominated during the Uganda Film Festival 2014. These were, Film of the Year (Best Director), Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor. The other nominations included Best Actress, Best Sound, and Best Post-Production.

Here are some of my published short stories, starting with the most recent.

The Puppets of Maramudhu, to appear in The African Roar Anthology 2013.
Stones Bounce on Water, published in Storymoja.com, April 2011
The Young Matchmaker, published in The Kathmandu Post, 4th July 2010
In Search of a Smoke, published in Gowanus Books, 2007
Homecoming, published in Gowanus Books, 2007, and nominated for the 2008 Million Writers Award: Notable Online Fiction of 2007
Billy is Three Weeks Dead, published in Dead Men (and Women) Walking, 2006
Bloodline of Blades, accepted for publication in ShadowSword, October 2005
Fragments of Canvas, published in Dark Fire, January 2005
Stu’s Honeymoon, published in The Swamp, 2004
Death in the Moonlight, published in The Sunday Vision, May 2001
The Campaign Agent, published in The Sunday Vision, May 2001
The Soldier’s Wife, published in The Sunday Vision, February 2001
The First War, published in The Sunday Vision, January 2001

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