A Fledgling Abiba

Cover of an African fantasy novella

An orphaned teenage girl tries to survive on her own and understand her magical powers while a sorcerous plague sweeps the country. She may hold the key to its cure, but what she really wants is somewhere she can call home and family.

This story by noted Ugandan author and film-maker Dilman Dila takes us on a journey from mundane village life, becoming more and more fantastic as it goes, drawing us into his world of magic and spirits.

“In clear prose, Dila involves us in a tale of magic driven by fierce emotion, inheritance and tradition. He tells the story of a brave, abused and magical childhood with a film maker’s structural skills and the voice of a writer.”
— Geoff Ryman

Ways to purchase:

“….a wonderful coming of age story for this woman who has a great power inside her, and who faces dangers on every side, hungry spirits and greedy humans who want to exploit or possess her…. A wonderful read!”

Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

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