About Nepal


Who knows what kusum is? I stumbled upon it accidentally today. A sour-ish fruit, but God, isn’t it nice to keep popping the little thing into your mouth?  I visited a VDC called Chaumala. It’s been a really hot day. I couldn’t stop sweating, and not just a little droplets of sweat, but torrents, my … Read more

What a Thief

I have found another thing I hate about Nepal. I’m still not sure whether the several proposals I get for marriage is something I should include in the list, but this one is. Well, even while in Africa, every time you see a foreigner you think he is rich. It’s the same here, only that … Read more

Will You Marry Me?

Oops, I set out writing the ten things I hate about Nepal, and stopped at two. Really, there is nothing to hate here – or very little – because the rest of it seems like they are goodies disguised as baddies. For example, look at this number eight, or is it seven? Well, the next … Read more

Ten Things I Hate About Nepal

Today, I was returning home, really tired, from another day of doing nothing at the office. As usual, I was trying to wad off the unsettling stares from the streets. That’s the worst thing about being a foreigner in Nepal, and in my case, the only black man in a rural town of Nepal. A … Read more

Why Do They Laugh?

This is the best part of writing, staring at the blank page and no words coming out, especially if I want to be funny. I think being funny is my niche, whatever niche means. I never try, but an hour can’t pass without someone laughing at something I said, and I always ask myself “What’s … Read more