Goodbye to a terrible year of trials

I somehow have reached the end of 2023, and it’s been a year that I don’t even know how to describe. It tested my capabilities as an artist and entrepreneur, and I hated it that artists work in a capitalist system in order to survive. I longed for the long lost days when I was … Read more

About the film collective I founded

Why I created the film collective I picked the name Sisi Film Collective after asking for opinions, including a poll in the fediverse. People liked the sound of Sisi, which translates to ‘Us’ in Kiswahili, because it has a musical feel. Perhaps it makes you think of “Cissy”, or “Sissy” as in sister. So that’s … Read more

My Journey as a Digital Artist

I got into digital art by some accident. I wanted to improve my skills in visual effects, since I mostly create science fiction films (oh, you could support my films on patreon, or by buying me coffee) and I was struggling to convince people that I’m good at it. I tried practical effects, and sometimes … Read more

Goree: Military Facility Becomes Art Gallery

I liked the idea of Goree Island, just a few minutes off Dakar, even before I got there. Streets without cars, buildings frozen in time, just the kind of place I’d love to live in. Goree is famous for The House of Slaves, which I found a little bit underwhelming. Some people enjoyed visiting it. I saw a woman cry, overwhelmed by the place, but it did not move me. I expected to see shackles, chains, graphic reminders of the slave trade, but these were safely tucked away in a glass box, looking harmless….