Another Rejection

I woke up this morning with a sense of exhaustion and that feeling you get while watching a soccer match, when the beginning is so intense and so exciting and one team goes three up, and then the last fifteen minutes they start to defend and what started out as a really exciting game finishes in a bore… well, that’s what I’m feeling like right now.

I’ve basically done the filming. And the good news I got the other day is that I actually have a lot of time, and a lot of money as well, to edit it! Yessssssss! So now I can lie back, relax, and then do a really good job in the post production.

And I won’t have to edit both (or is it three) docs at the same time, first I’ll do the main one, Untouchable Love, and then I’ll do the other two – the sound of one leg dancing and shristi as thisability. Oh yes, I do think Shristi’s story should be a separate documentary from that of the one leg dancers, maybe only because I love that title, The Sound of One Leg Dancing, and Shristi’s, a powerful story, is about that of a blind girl…. so her’s might be The Sound Of No Eyes Dancing? Crap! Shristi has ThisAbility sounds cool, though she wants it to be shristiko antardristi — oops, I might have got that spelling wrong, but it’s translated into Shristi’s innervision, she wants her name ‘shristi’ to rhyme with ‘dristi’, in Nepali.

But I started out to write about the most recent rejection letter I’ve received, for my prose writing. A story I first wrote many years ago, but recently re-wrote feverishly after an editor had told me he liked the concept, only that now he sends me an email saying ‘sorry buddy, you did a good job but it’s not good enough. Still requires a lot of editing.’ Maybe I like that kind of rejection letter.

But while I seem to be on the verge of some sort of breakthrough in the film industry (certainly a feature length documentary will look good on my CV) I still seem so far away with regard to what I really love. Writing prose. Where it all started.

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