the a*hole machoman disses a poor girl

I noticed that someone – the only follower I hitherto had, has withdrawn – now I have no follower. And I’m suspected to think that my recent posts were the cause of it.




Poor girl, she never really showed me that much interest, and only spoke about it after I mentioned kissing a Nepali girl.

Now I think she has withdrawn her followership because she think’s I’m completely lost to her. If only she were to know sometimes love takes patience.

But why am I writing about her? To boast? Is it a macho thing, that though I’m coveting someone who is only a picture and probably won’t ever marry me, there is another girl who is running after me and who I’m saying no to? Is it only that?

What a dick I am! I should go to hell! I should hump an old cow to make my life better rather than spill emails some poor chic sent me. What an a*hole I am — okay, I’m hurling insults at myself so that she should not do it!

Sorry, hun, the picture above aint clear, and there are some things I wrote in this exchange that i want to share with the world… any way, since I’m trying to be an a*hole of a man 🙂

So I wrote this line in my Facebook status – I thought Nepali lips would taste different, but all lips taste the same! — and a lot of people sent me various messages, some congratulating, others not so nice messages, and she sent this in my in-box. Here is the conversation.

BABYRW…October 16 at 9:04pm
And here I thought you were going to wait until my lips arrived to taste lips in Nepal. lol!

How’s the film coming along?

Dilman Dila October 17 at 10:23am
🙂 It’s going well, very well actually, though the cameraman understands only half of what I tell him.

Well, I thought since I’m making a film about love in Nepal, I should actually experience that in one way or another… and you know what she did after I kissed her?

she washed her mouth. I kissed her again, and she kissed back and immediately washed her mouth. I asked her why? and she said ‘you papi me’.

Papi means sin, but I don’t know what the sentence ‘you sin me’ means 🙂

She didn’t wash her cheeks when I kissed her there though. But it made me wonder, will she wash ‘that part’ if we actually ‘do it’?

BABYRW October 17 at 1:08pm
I am sad. I had a little fairytale going in my head that you were my Prince Charming. Oh well, I’m probably going to end up like the wicked witch anyway.

Do you have a whole crew or is it just you and the cameraman? Did you apply for any of the funding opportunities I sent to you? I really think you could get people to give you money if you tried.

Happy to hear it’s going very well. I’ll check in for an update soon.

Be well heartbreaker.


Dilman Dila October 17 at 5:47pm
Is that for real, or do you still don’t know how to throw a punchline?

BABYRW October 17 at 5:53pm
Both. That is for real AND I still don’t know how to throw a punchline. lol!

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