Is Ejaculate a Taboo Word?

Funny thing I noticed while reading Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame – a book I wish I had read while I was much younger. It’s such fun, with such a sense of humor that I wonder why I have never been encouraged to read it until now?

I only picked it off the shelves the other day because of the animated film. I found a friend watching it, the last bit of it anyway, and was so intrigued that I thought the book would be as good.

Normally, I know movies are not half as good as the books they are based on, but I liked what I saw in that animated film, so I believed that the book is really good.

And it is. Only that it has this word that keeps coming up all the time – ejaculate 🙂 They use it as a dialogue attribute. “Don’t you love me?” he ejaculated.

No, let’s try to get a better punch line. “I saw you with my wife!” he ejaculated.

Still not funny, but I guess if I keep trying I’ll hit a really good one.

Reminds me of the documentary, F*ck, about that four letter word, and makes me think that maybe in five hundred years time, the word ‘love’ will also be a taboo word, and instead of people telling each other ‘I love you’, they might say, “I care you” of maybe, F*ck will be a not so taboo word, and people will be telling each other ‘I f*** you’ instead of ‘I love you.’ Ooops, that’s kind of scary, but given the amount of used that f word has in today’s world, it is a possibility.

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