Anything for You

When I used to hear those love songs, from way back in time, songs that had lyrics you could listen to over and over again – not like contemporary love songs where you have no idea what the musician is singing about. Anyway, those old songs – I remember one, I think it was 3T, Anything, though they might have remixed someone else’s, and I can’t remember who that was.

And the song went, “I could do anything for you. I could cross the mountains, the oceans, for you.” And it all seemed so silly at that time. Just something you say so as to make your song saleable.
But today, I woke up and it hit me that someone is crossing the oceans for me. 🙂

Don’t think I can say any more than that at the moment, but that particular song has been ringing in my head like a bee searching for a flower with the desperation of a starving dog searching for a bone. – ??? – what did I just say? Doesn’t even make sense to me.

I found that I can’t do anything after waking up. Can’t sit still. Can’t read. Can’t write – and that was always my escape. Whenever I don’t know what to do, I write. And all of a sudden, I’m out of this world. Somewhere out there. Far away. But today, I try to write, and all I can do is stare at the laptop like a zombie staring at a piece of bread – you know zombies don’t eat bread. They eat brains. So if a zombie is staring at a piece of bread, you can try to imagine what is going through it’s head.

Okay, what exactly am I talking about here? Zombies. Bread? Oh yes, yesterday, we did talk about zombies, just before she started her 24hour flight over the oceans to get here. And I don’t know how it is I’m feeling. Kind of restless. Kind of looking at the clock every minute that passes by.
It’s nearly 6.30. When her plane is supposed to land in this ancient city of temples and stinking rivers. It’s been a really long day. Been waiting for this hour since 5.30. Now a little more than an hour is left. Enough time to watch another movie?

Probably not. Have to leave the hotel at 6.00 so as to reach the airport in time to catch her landing. Well. I could watch a boring film. A very boring one. So I can escape when it strikes six! Though I know she probably won’t be able to get through all the checkpoints until about 7, maybe.
But better early than late!

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