Golden Oldies

Over the last week, I’ve discovered a whole load of gems in classical Ugandan music. Stuff that I did not think existed! I’m doing a research for my next project, which might be a TV doc series about the life and works of Ugandan artists from way back in time. And at first I didn’t know exactly know what I would find while doing this research, but the internet is such an amazing thing!

All of a sudden, I’m listening to a song done in 1960something, and God, isn’t it a wonderful song? “Jane Wange”, by Billy Mbowa with the AGS Boys. And then there is the one from Equator Sound, “Nona Ente Yo”. Wow. Just knocked my feet off the ground! Gold pure and simple. Wish I could get more of these babies, but if you are looking for Ugandan music of the 50s, 60s, or 70s, you might get some here.

Here is a link to voa, with kadongo kamu music of the 70s

And here is a link to dance music from the 1960s, featuring the hits I’ve mentioned above.

And here is stuff from Hugh Tracey. Okay, I don’t really know how to link stuff from here, but if you go to, which is a bittorrent site, and you search ‘uganda’, you’ll get links to four great oldie albums! Well, mostly recordings done by Hugh Tracey, of music that is probably lost forever in the political turmoil that wrecked our country since 1966.

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