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I love creating short films, mostly because I can work on them as a one man crew. Film is a complex art. I sometimes think it is not even art, because it requires a lot of people working together to create it, and it relies so much on technology and on money. Jean Luc Godard once said that film will only become an art if the tools of making it are as cheap as pencil and paper. I think it will become art only if it becomes possible for one individual to create it with tools that are cheaper than pencil and paper. We are getting there, as cameras and software get friendlier for one-person-crews, as computing power gets cheaper, we are getting there. In most of the short films here, I was the only crew, doing everything from lighting to camera work to editing. It’s crazy fun.

I’ve listed them in order of those I like the most, or those that came out really nicely.

What Happened in Room 13

And adulterous affair goes wrong. The woman ends up dead. The man races against time to bury her body before anyone notices his crime.

I like this film a lot. It features Anne Kansiime in her first film role (she has not changed much in over ten years, I mean in terms of looks). I wrote it as an experiment, when I challenged myself to make a short film without any dialog. I think anyone who wants to be a serious filmmaker should make short films without dialog, it’s a great process that trains you to think in visual terms.


A man sends a killer robot after his wife and her secret lover.

Love Clone

She married a monster, but she found a perfect solution

Birdy Blue Pet

She killed her pet bird. Now she can’t have any friends.

Ghost of a Broken Heart

In near-future Kampala, a woman discovers the perfect way to get revenge, when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend.

Cursed Widow Blues

She cheated on her husband, and he killed himself in grief. Now, she can’t ever fall in love again.

No Letting Go

A woman who tries to cheat death, and unleashes a horror upon her family.

Saving Mugisha!

About a boy who is wets his bed, and the teacher who helps him to find peace in his life.


A couple discovers that the new house they are moving into was used to make a horror-movie, and that the set was never dismantled.

This is part of the series of short films that I’m making under the horror-romance theme. I started learning CGI last year, and this film is the first attempt to use it for special effects. It didn’t come out too badly, I think.

Jilted Lovers

When a man fails to woo a woman, he joins a sinister group that gives him evil powers to get her.

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