Anything for You

When I used to hear those love songs, from way back in time, songs that had lyrics you could listen to over and over again – not like contemporary love songs where you have no idea what the musician is singing about. Anyway, those old songs – I remember one, I think it was 3T, Anything, though they might have remixed someone else’s, and I can’t remember who that was.

Anybody Reading?

The business of writing is a strange one. Not just because it requires a lot of patience and picking up your ambitions after a rejection of some sort shatters it. But just because you never know what impression you are making on people – you never know who is reading your stories.

Ten years ago, I wrote four short stories for the Sunday Vision. Nothing big. But some people thought they were humorous. Anyway, the Sunday Vision editors at that time, Joachim Buwembo and Simon Kaheru, and a lady whose name I forget, they were besides themselves with excitement when they saw my stories, and I remember the first time I walked into their office, and it was Simon who seemed the most excited.

House Mates

I’ve never lived in a house like this. It’s big, a bungalow, has three bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, two bathrooms, and space in the roof where you can host a party, or sun bathe during the winter, or sleep at night during the summer. Well, rooftops are very much a part of Nepali socializing culture.

the golden oldies

Over the last week, I’ve discovered a whole load of gems in classical Ugandan music. Stuff that I did not think existed! I’m doing a research for my next project, which might be a TV doc series about the life and works of Ugandan artists from way back in time. And at first I didn’t know exactly know what I would find while doing this research, but the internet is such an amazing thing!

Pumpkin Season

One thing that I find so frustrating about Nepal is the seasons. They claim it to be the only country in the world with six seasons, but it actually has the worst weather. When it’s hot, it stays hot for months and months without dropping even a degree, and I’m talking about 40degrees and above for days on end. When it’s cold, its 2degrees constant for a whole week. When it’s misty, planes don’t fly for many days.

Real Life Quoting the Movies

The first time I tried watching Good Will Hunting, I didn’t get past the first thirty minutes. Mostly because I at first imagined it had something to do with hunting and I was disappointed on learning it was some boring stuff about mathematics.

But I heard a lot about it, how great a film it was, and then this evening I watch it, and well, it’s okay. Very well done. And some of the lines from it make me want to see it over and over again, just to listen to these words, for in a way I’ve never felt before, I felt as if this film was speaking directly to me.
For example, see these lines between Sean, the Robin Williams character, and Will, the Matt Damon character. It just blew my minds away, yet a few years back, hell, maybe even a few months back, it wouldn’t have made any sense to me at all.

Waiting for Days to Go By

The heat is back. For a while, I had almost forgotten how hot Nepal is. Unlike last year, where we had fans running all day and all night by March, this time round it's been very nice, Uganda-like weather until mid last week. What amazes me is that the seasons change with the calendar months. When they said it will be nice weather until May, it waited until May to get hot.