Waiting for Days to Go By

The heat is back. For a while, I had almost forgotten how hot Nepal is. Unlike last year, where we had fans running all day and all night by March, this time round it’s been very nice, Uganda-like weather until mid last week. What amazes me is that the seasons change with the calendar months. When they said it will be nice weather until May, it waited until May to get hot.

And now waiting for the last days in Nepal is getting harder. The stifling heat only makes me miss home even more. The days are so long, though I know that time is short, for I still have to start editing Shristi’s story. And nor have I polished up and finished the Untouchable Love story. I think by the time I go back home, in July, I should have completed everything, so that at home, I’ll start with a new slate.

I’m planning a lot of things when I get back home. Unlike in 2008, which was a premature venture into full time filmmaking, this time round, I think I’m ready. I know exactly what I want to do, and I guess the two years in Nepal have gifted me with enough knowledge to start a profitable company.

There is the TV doc series I’m thinking of, should be nice and easy to set up, and able to make it within three months. Already started on the research, and the characters I hope won’t be to hard to convince. Then there is the TV drama series, The Total Agony, and I think this time round I do have something concrete I can work with. A plan of making it come alive. And then there is Felistas!

Wow! I just heard that I might have an extra 25k on that project! I wish I had someone with me here so we could celebrate together. I kept smiling on seeing that email, smiling in hiding, for I didn’t want anyone to know that I was smiling with my computer. Being very inquisitive people, they would ask me, ‘what are you smiling at?’ and before I reply, a group would have crowded behind me, trying to peek into my laptop to see what exactly was making me smile. Total lack of privacy.

Anyway, that’s very good news. Now I might have nearly 40k to work with. But lets wait and see exactly which goose is sitting on this new golden egg.

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