Do You Believe in the Love of the Silver Screen?

Well, I watched this brilliant movie, ‘Definately, Maybe’, the other day, and it’s these kinds of movies that make me wonder if love of that kind is found in everyday life.

The same people who made it were behind ‘Love Actually’, which is one of my favourite movies, and which inspired me to attempt writing a TV series called ‘The Total Agony of Being in Love’. One of the characters, a 12year old boy, does say he is in the total agony of being in love because a girl he wants doesn’t even look at him, or something like that.

But after watching ‘Definately, Maybe’, where two people are apparently made for each other, that even after years and years of separation they can still find that fire that made them kiss on a coach just before this guy was supposed to propose to another girl – uhm, I wonder if that really happens in real life?

Living in Nepal for the last one year has definitely questioned my whole concept of love – and of true love. I’ve met couples, who married after meeting only once or twice, in arranged marriages, and yet who love each other more than couples who dated for years before tying the note.

And the characters in the documentary I’m making, who withstand torture, who live in a forest for several days, who refuse to budge even as their village is burning in violence because the upper caste people are venting their fury on all the lower caste people following an inter-caste marriage. They refuse to be separated even after all this, and they go on to live happily ever after lives.

I used to think that this kind of love only exists in the silver screen – and yes, many of these characters where influenced by TV, and they did tell me that their adventures were the kind that happens only in movies.
Which makes me really want to think that probably, just probably, the love I see on TV is not the kind of love that only happens in fairy tales, but in the grit of everyday life.

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