A Ghost and his Client

I did not expect to be a ghost writer. I remember turning down one job, way back in 2009, when it was clear I might end up a ghost. Well, I didn’t turn it down really, but I quoted a price so high that the potential client refused to respond – not even a letter telling me no.

But today, I’m a ghost writer, and I think the blog I haunt is funnier than this one. And what’s the pay? 🙂

These are matters of the heart, and something that you cannot mention in public. But what I can mention is that maybe it’s a matter that will stay long in my heart, for I think I just passed the six-month mark. It happened before, and it went on for two years, but that time it was all one way traffic. This time, by the sixth month, or we are nearly there, it looks like two way traffic 🙂

The only reason I’m even writing in this blog is that my fingers are itching to write and I don’t have anything to write about, so I will fart around on this page for a few minutes and since nothing is coming out of my head, well apart from the garbage above, I better go to sleep!

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