Sad Love Poem “Glass of Dreams”

a bit on the background

When I set out to make video poems, I had a bunch of idle video clips that I didn’t know what to do with, like the one of a spider catching a fly. I realized I could stylize these videos and make them look animated look. However, after the second video poem, my crush told me that she did not like it because the visuals did not relate to the poem. I had to abandon that idea, and I had to create visuals from scratch to enhance the poem. Why do some people have such power over us?

I make these poems for my youtube channel, so head over there, subscribe, watch my films, and do share them. That’s how you can support me. My Youtube channel is monetized, which means I earn from it to pay the bills, and the best way to support an artist is to watch their works, like it, share, comment, and donate if you have a spare shilling. Otherwise, it’s all free to enjoy!

Back to what I was saying about this poem, since late 2017, I’ve been learning CGI to improve visual effects in my science fiction films (by the way, you can see my films here, they are short films, but my Patrons have access my feature length films) so I have a bit of knowledge on creating digital art and 3D animations. I decided to use this to provide visuals for the poem.

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a bit about the theme

So, since I was making this from scratch, I decided to go a step further with the theme. I at first wanted to make ‘video art’, you know, those abstract videos which don’t make sense but are visually appealing? This, after all was a poem. I keep wondering if I can make a poem without using any words, just images, and maybe one time I’ll try it. I toyed with the idea for a while, but then I decided to go with something a little less abstract, that someone can watch and sort of get what they are seeing without thinking too much. The visuals however did not have to be a direct interpretation of the poem.

I thought of a fish swimming in a glass, I don’t know why that idea came to me, but I just thought it would be cute. The glass evolved into a wine glass, and now the poem took on a whole new meaning. This dude has to be hurting so much that he thinks the bottle is a solution.

Once I had this general concept in mind, I dived into Blender and begun to animate. I did not model everything from scratch. I instead borrowed models from other 3D artists, and these came already rigged. All I had to do was animate.

a learning process

I am the kind of artist who won’t put too much work on a project just for the love of it. I calculate the risks to determine if a piece of art is worth investing a long time on. Making 3D animation is a labor intensive process, and it would have been a very poor decision if I was to spend months on this piece only for it to end up on Youtube to get a handful of likes. That would have been a waste of time. I had to make the process meaningful to me.

Since I intend to use Blender a lot for my visual effects, I thought I would use this poem as a learning process. I had never worked with fluid or fire simulations, and this was the time to try it out. I made the fire quite easily. I wanted it to imitate a burning candle, sometimes it worked, other times it did not work so well and I had to use procedural flames. Water was a little harder, and I simply used the ocean modifier to imitate a lake.

I must say I’ve learned a bit, and it gives me more confidence to tackle demanding visual effects in my future films. By the way, I’m making one already, called “Love Clone”, or maybe I’ll call it “Clone, my love,” and I expect to finish it before the end of November. You can follow this blog or find me on twitter or facebook to get updates on it. But you will get better notification if you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell.

the poem

Glass of Dreams

this slow burning feeling

that you’ll never love me

drips from a bag of dreams

and leaves me gasping for air

i lie on the cold floor

staring at the moon

through broken window panes

thinking of you

to hurt myself

with memories

of us in a small boat

drifting on a calm lake

not a breeze stirs our love

with fantasies

of us spread on warm sands

listening to the sea

as it sings us the blues

fake memories

wild fantasies

I want to forget you

to wake up one morning

and you gone from my head

the wine helps for a while

wraps me in a warm hug

of a dark nothingness

but if I forget you

I’ll lose the pleasure

of torturing myself

the pain of loving you

will turn into the hell

of having nothing

to love

so I let you blossom

in the depths of my mind

and I fan the yearning

the hoping, the dreaming,

though it slow burns my heart

till all that’s left is ash.

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