Sad Love Poetry “Strange Shore”

we all suffer from unreturned love

Strange Shore is the second poem in the Sad Love Poetry series that I’m making for my YouTube Channel. You can read a bit about the first poem here, where I scratch the surface about my inspiration for making this series. In a future post, I will share in depth my thought process on making this kind of love poetry, but on the whole, I just want you to enjoy, to have something to entertain yourself with, for sometimes we make art for the sake of it. Well, to make money and pay the bills too, but when something hits you, you just create, and right now I have this bug to create sad love poetry.

Unreturned love is a universal theme. We all go through it at some point in our lives, or we know someone going through it, and sometimes we commiserate with them, sometimes we laugh at them if they are our enemies, or if we know they are so stupid they can’t see the person they are craving for is way out of their reach. Love makes all of us stupid, in one way or the other. It screws up with our thinking, and we end up doing things we swore we would never do. We fall in love, we get hurt so bad, and yet we don’t learn. Next time someone comes along, we find ourselves falling badly in love again, and there is no helping it.

There are some lucky people who will fall in love with the right person, the person who loves them equally and they stay together all their lives, but for the majority of us, it’s  just one sad story after another. We might start out okay, madly in love with each other, but at some point, you find yourself loving someone who won’t love you back, and in such a moment, you might need a bit of sad love poetry to cheer you up. It does cheer you if you know someone else went through the same heartache, or even worse, doesn’t it?

See the poem below, and if you like it, if you want more sad love poetry, then you should subscribe to dilstories TV, my YouTube channel. Not only do I make poetry, but also short science fiction films, and travel videos, and a lot of cool stuff that will keep you entertained.

the idea for a sad love poem

The idea for this poem came while I was in Senegal. I had gone to show my short sci-fi film, Akoota, and there after I went on a holiday. I stayed in Ngor Island, right by the seaside, and experience I had never encountered before, and I woke up one night to the sound of waves crashing against the shore. For a moment, I could not remember where I was, and when I did, this poem just fell into my head. Of course, I was thinking about a certain girl at that time…..

strange shore

a strange sound awakes me

water pounding with fury

I think it’s a rainstorm

but moonbeams light the room

and I don’t know this bed

I don’t know where I am

it feels like a sweet dream

of a full moon shinning

in spite of a dark storm

I don’t want to awake

oh no. my eyes open

water slams my body

a hammer of hate.

Agony. Too much pain.

I’m a rock on a shore

in the ocean of you

I dreamed of your warm touch

of a kiss and a hug

and of a flood of love


waves spew from your cold depths

to hurt me

I should really wake up

slap myself out of this dream

for you’ll never love me


how can I walk away

and yet I don’t know why

I love you

I can’t understand how

you got into my head

so how can I stop dreaming

yet my mind goes to you

to search for my lost heart?

I’m stuck on your shore

I’ll drown in your sea

I love you

and it hurts

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Tall waves smashing against rocks, stylized image with water colors

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