I’m devastated. After eagerly awaiting for a nomination in the Penguin Prize for Africa Writing, I discover today that I have yet again been overlooked! I was really hoping this would be it for me. So sad and to prove it, this will be the shortest blog I’m ever writing. — You May Also Like: … Read more

Back on my Feet?

I often try to surprise myself…. I google my name and see what comes up, and I was stunned today to find a short story I wrote for The Kathmandu Post online. The editors didn’t get back to me, to tell me whether they liked it or not, and I assumed they did not like … Read more

The Internet Joke

The internet certainly helped the ‘joke’ to grow into a popular media, the way invention of the printery gave birth to the novel. But almost everyone only recycles the jokes they find in their in boxes, and I always wonder who the first person to send that joke was. So I’m going to try and … Read more

Why Do They Laugh?

This is the best part of writing, staring at the blank page and no words coming out, especially if I want to be funny. I think being funny is my niche, whatever niche means. I never try, but an hour can’t pass without someone laughing at something I said, and I always ask myself “What’s … Read more

On Writing