Why my film crew is full of women

I’m celebrating ten years in arts business with a series of blog posts, and in this one I discuss why I have so many women in my film crew, and some of the challenges I face.

30 Sweet Christmas Songs for a great holiday

Christmas is always a very upsetting period, because it is a reminder that we are growing older, that our dreams are getting further away from our grasp. It’s a time we begin to accept the harshness of reality, that magic is long dead. When I get down in this period, I have a playlist of … Read more

Sad Love Poem “Glass of Dreams”

a bit on the background When I set out to make video poems, I had a bunch of idle video clips that I didn’t know what to do with, like the one of a spider catching a fly. I realized I could stylize these videos and make them look animated look. However, after the second … Read more